Dust Tag iphone App

Posted in Installation, Performance, Reoccupation, Sculpture, Social, Technology, Texture by RADDblog on January 7, 2010

A few days ago we told you about Graffiti Markup Language, the new project by F.A.T., and there is now an iphone app you can use to interface with their system and website at 000000book.com.

DustTag is an iPhone application designed for graffiti writers that visualizes the motion involved in the creation of a tag. It is basically the iPhone version of Evan Roth‘s Graffiti Analysis tool, just with a little less bells and whistles but some typical iPhone features. You can write tags on the iPhone and upload them as .gml files (Graffiti Markup Language) to the 000000book.com website. Evan designed this app together with Chris Sugrue.

via today and tomorrow

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